Welcome to the enchanting world of Marmi Faedo, where time stands still, and art intertwines with stone.

Through three generations, Marmi Faedo has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of stone, embodying an epic story that weaves together tradition and innovation.

With over sixty years of experience in the stone sector, Marmi Faedo has earned a solid respect as a pillar of innovation and artisanal craftsmanship. Each block of stone tells our story, rooted in a passion for stone passed down from generation to generation. This deep connection with the artisanal tradition, exemplified through our meticulous stone processing, constitutes the beating heart of our corporate identity. Our vision is not just to shape stone, but to preserve its authenticity, transforming raw stones into timeless works of art. This artisanal commitment is reflected not only in our creations but also in our dedication to a sustainable approach. We firmly believe in the integrity of our work and in the responsible use of resources, continuously striving to balance artisanal excellence with environmental care. Our story is not just an epic of artisanal mastery but also a commitment to a future where the beauty of stone unites with sustainability, embracing responsibility towards the planet and future generations.


A Story Carved in Stone

The story of Marmi Faedo begins with an authentic passion for stone, proudly passed down from generation to generation. Over sixty years ago, Angelo Faedo took his first steps in the stone industry. He was the pioneer of the business, the first to lay the foundations of a lasting legacy.

Later, the baton passed to his son, Alessandro Faedo, who, in the second half of the 1980s, acquired the entire quarry, making the company the sole extractor of Grolla stone in the world. This generational transition is not just a change in leadership but a story of passion handed down, of deep sector knowledge, and of total commitment to excellence.

This was the crucial moment when the company took the reins of its destiny, becoming not just a stone extractor but a custodian of tradition, an innovator in the sector, and a guarantor of uncompromising quality. t is this bond with our roots, enriched by a zeal for evolution, that is reflected in the craftsmanship of our artisans, in the timeless beauty of our stones, and in the pride that permeates every block extracted from the Grolla Quarry.

We were born from passionate craftsmen determined to cultivate and preserve the ancient art of stone processing. Our master craftsmen embody dedication and skill, shaping the stone with precision that goes beyond simple technique. Every single piece of stone worked by them becomes a work of art, a tangible witness to our history and the artisanal skill that has characterized Marmi Faedo for years. Their mastery is not limited to shaping stone; it is a philosophy of life: a constant commitment to enhancing the natural beauty of the stone, keeping alive a tradition that evolves without losing its authenticity. These artisans, with their skills passed down from generation to generation, are the guardians of an art that has withstood the test of time, maintaining the fundamental values of Marmi Faedo.


Commitment to Sustainability: A Legacy for the Future

Our dedication to the environment is the backbone of our mission. Beyond our main activity of shaping stone, we are engaged in a constant effort to preserve the natural beauty of our planet. Over the years, we have taken a tangible commitment to maintain and preserve the concession, developing a plan that would protect the territory and comply with stringent environmental regulations. This plan was meticulously drafted and subsequently approved by the Building Commissions of Valdagno and Cornedo, ensuring a balance between our extraction activities and the conservation of the surrounding environment.

Our commitment goes well beyond mere regulatory compliance: we are aware of the responsibility we have towards the land that hosts us. The Grolla Quarry, the heart of our activity, has become an iconic presence in the landscape, with stone benches exceeding 50 meters. But we don’t stop there. We have implemented active strategies to reduce our impact on the environment, turning the quarry into a model “eco-quarry.”

Marmi Faedo is not limited to simple extractive management. We have adopted a land restoration plan, investing in the replanting of grass and trees in harmony with the advancement of extraction activities. This plan has passed rigorous controls and has received approval from the Municipal, Provincial, and Regional Council Commissions, as well as from the Verdi Foundation. Starting from 2021, the Grolla Quarry is certified according to UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, a recognition of our continuous commitment to implement environmentally respectful development strategies and adhere to high-level environmental regulations. This constant commitment to environmental sustainability guides us towards a future where the beauty of our work perfectly marries the preservation of nature.

Marmi Faedo: A Journey Towards Excellence

The pursuit of excellence guides every phase of our process. From selecting the finest stones to artisanal workshops, we ensure perfection in every detail. Each piece of stone is a tangible testimony of our dedication to quality and uniqueness.

Our promise is to offer not just stones, but unparalleled experiences through the art of stone processing.

Each block of stone holds a unique story, a journey through time and nature. The veins, colors, and imperfections are the language of the stone, silent narrators of millenary stories. Every slab of stone is a work of art in itself, ready to enrich spaces and stimulate the imagination.

Discovering a block of stone is like diving into an ancient book, full of secrets and adventures.


Future and Innovation: The Path to New Horizons

Marmi Faedo is not just a faithful custodian of the past but a driving force towards the future. We are innovators in the true sense of the word, adopting the latest technologies and promoting constant technological advancement to perfect our processes and explore new horizons in stone processing. This commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation is the core of our corporate philosophy.

Our vision knows no static boundaries; it is a perpetual journey towards the avant-garde and excellence. We continue to look ahead, constantly searching for new goals, new discoveries that can enrich the world of stone processing. Our commitment does not end in being leaders in the present but is focused on opening the doors to a future where stone processing is defined by ever-higher standards of innovation and quality.

And this commitment is also reflected in our state-of-the-art machinery. Our GMM line integrates the loading, cutting, and unloading phases, allowing the transformation from blocks to finished products, ready to be placed on pallets. This line, which meets the 4.0 standards, includes the patented GL5 CNC cutting center (a multi-axis CNC cutting center for high production with thirteen controlled axes) and the patented DEVERO automatic portal CNC manipulator for automatic unloading.


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